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Nipsey Hussle's Killer Eric Holder Found Guilty of Murder

Eric Holder has been found guilty in the murder of Nipsey Hussle ... gunning the rapper and activist down in broad daylight back in 2019. The jury returned the guilty verdict in an L.A. courtroom Wednesday, about 3 weeks after the trial began. He… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Three Michael Jackson Songs Pulled from Streaming Amid Vocals Lawsuit

Is it Michael or a Michael imposter? That ongoing debate about 3 of Michael Jackson's posthumously released songs is behind the sudden disappearance of the tracks from major streaming services. The songs -- "Monster," "Keep Your Head Up" and… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Janis Joplin Mandolin Given to Jimi Hendrix Sells for $281,250

Scoring anything Janis Joplin owned would be cool, but an instrument that belonged to Janis AND Jimi Hendrix is a whole new level of rock memorabilia. We're talking about a hand-painted mandolin that fetched a whopping $281,250 after 29 bidders… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Carlos Santana Collapses on Stage During Concert

A rep for Santana tells us the 74-year-old was overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration, leading to the medical episode. He was taken to a local hospital for continued observation, but his rep says he's, "doing well." A scary moment for Carlos… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Travis Barker Returns To Work In the Studio After Hospitalization

It looks like it's back to business for Travis Barker 'cause he's getting back into the studio ... after being released from the hospital. Travis was spotted Tuesday behind the wheel of a Mercedes G Wagon, heading into a Calabasas studio to make… Permalink ... Continue Reading

R. Kelly Removed From Suicide Watch After Legal Drama With Feds

R. Kelly just won a mini legal battle against the feds, who just did an about-face and took the disgraced singer off suicide after he filed a lawsuit against the prison, TMZ has learned. In newly filed court docs obtained by TMZ, Metropolitan… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Take Ride on 4th After Hospitalization

Travis Barker has resurfaced after his scary hospitalization last week, and he didn't look the worse for wear. Travis and his wife Kourtney Kardashian took a ride in a vintage orange truck on the 4th, with Penelope and Reign in the back. They… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Travis Scott Stops Concert and Orders Fans Dangling from Truss to Get Down

Travis Scott stopped his show Monday night because several fans put themselves in danger ... and it's impossible not to think about the tragedy at Astroworld when looking at the video. Travis and Meek Mill performed at The Day Party concert at…


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Highland Park Person of Interest Robert Crimo Posted Violent Photos, Pictured at Trump Rallies

Robert Crimo III, the person of interest in the 4th of July Highland Park massacre, joked about school shootings online and even drew a sketch of him getting shot and killed by cops with a gun by his side. Crimo has been on social media for years,… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Katy Perry Dragged for 4th of July Abortion Tweet Due to Caruso Support

Katy Perry sent a message this holiday weekend to express frustration about the Roe v. Wade decision -- but all Twitter wants to do is point out what it sees as hypocrisy. The singer tweeted Monday about the 4th of July and what it means in her… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Harry Styles 'Devastated,' Cancels Copenhagen Concert After Mall Shooting

Police have not determined a motive, but say the gunman acted alone and have now ruled out terrorism. Harry Styles is devastated by the mass shooting in Copenhagen, where he was supposed to perform just hours later. Harry canceled his concert…


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Sammy Hagar Says He Makes Money Off Booze and Bars, Music's Just for Fun

Sammy Hagar makes most of his money from booze, books and bars ... which he says is the precise reason he enjoys rocking out with his band. We will explain. The Red Rocker joined us on "TMZ Live" and we asked if he made more money outside of music… Permalink ... Continue Reading

'American Pie' Singer Don McLean 'Memba Him?!

American singer and songwriter Don McLean was just 26 years old when he released his hit song "American Pie" -- the eight-and-a-half minute track that is commonly associated with national pride and patriotism -- back in 1971. The song's success has… Permalink ... Continue Reading

Janet Jackson Loses Audio at Essence Fest, Caps Off Weekend of Issues

Janet Jackson was not impervious to technical difficulties that plagued Essence Festival -- losing audio midway through her performance ... but powering through to kill it regardless. The singer was one of the big headliners at the NOLA concert… Permalink ... Continue Reading

'Breakin' Star Bruno 'Pop N Taco' Falcon Dead at 58

Hip-hop trailblazer and legendary dancer Bruno "Pop N Taco" Falcon has died ... this according to his loved ones. His sister, Diana Wolgamott, tells TMZ ... the longtime Los Angeles-based breaker and choreographer passed away Saturday at his Long… Permalink ... Continue Reading
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