Tiny Pine warehouse offers discounts for fire survivors

OROVILLE — The Tiny Pine Foundation recently opened a discount warehouse to support fire survivors and help fund the nonprofit’s programs.

The foundation builds tiny homes for fire victims and provides disaster relief during fire emergencies. Since its founding in December 2018, Tiny Pine has built and given away 28 homes, mostly to Camp Fire survivors but a few have been built for North Complex survivors as well.

“We opened the warehouse to create another stream of revenue so we’re not always having to ask people to donate money, so we don’t live or die off fundraisers. It was also important that what we did stayed with our mission of helping fire survivors,” said Alyssa Hofman, founder and executive director.

The bottom floor of the two-story, 4,000-square-foot warehouse located at 2742 Feather River Blvd. is chock full of new and gently used building supplies, small and large appliances, furniture, kitchen supplies, household goods and decorative items. The top floor is stocked with new clothing and shoes, household necessities, personal hygiene and beauty supplies.

The discount warehouse is open to the public but fire survivors who shop the bottom floor get $50 to spend in-store once a month for three months and 50% off on their purchases up to $300 all the time. The upstairs area of the warehouse is reserved just for fire survivors who may shop there for free once a month.

“Tiny Pine is always here to help. This warehouse is a blessing to so many people who have lost so much. To be able to come and get things you need or need to replace is great,” said Misty Mata, a Camp Fire survivor.

Hofman is a survivor herself having lost her home in 2008 in the Butte Lightning Complex fires. She started construction on the first Tiny Pine Foundation home on wheels the day after Christmas 2018. She has been working ever since to help survivors. The warehouse is just the next step in her endeavor.

“It’s a giant milestone to open the warehouse. I thought it would be blessing but I didn’t know how big of a blessing until we opened. Seeing survivors get so many needed things for not much or no money is impactful. To hear again and again how grateful they are it just really hits home how important what we do it,” said Hofman.

Hofman said she opened the discount warehouse because the foundation had received a “ginormous” amount of donations.

“Even if we built 100 tiny homes, we had way more than we could use, but it’s really good stuff and we knew survivors who were rebuilding could use it,” she said.

Avalon Glucksman, a Camp Fire survivor, said she was grateful for the warehouse and the free supplies.

“I just moved back to my property two months ago. It’s so expensive to replace all the little things and get all the cleaning and beauty supplies. This is just so thoughtful and helpful. It really makes a big difference,” said Glucksman.

The proceeds from the warehouse will also help fund the foundation’s newest project which is to build 404-square-fot tiny homes on foundations for survivors in the unincorporated areas of the county including Concow and Butte Creek Canyon.

The program is also being funded by $204,000 in grants from the North Valley Community Foundation.

The warehouse is open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. Volunteers are needed and donations of gently used or new household and building goods are always accepted. The warehouse does not accept donations of used clothing. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/TinyPineDiscountWarehouse.

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