Letter: Worried about districts? Try drawing your own

Concerning plans for county supervisor districts, I would suggest people try to draw some up for themselves.

There’s a tool called “Districtr” (districtr.org) that will allow individual citizens to draw districts online. I clicked on California, then Butte County, and started drawing.

The fairest thing I could think of was to split Chico into two districts, give Oroville one, and split the rest of the county in two.

I went West Chico and East Chico, split by the freeway. North and South Chico would probably be at least as fair. I discovered, with the way our population shifted, it’s no longer viable to have districts be the way they were. There’s no way to balance the population with the old lines, and since Chico has grown, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to have those people share districts with more-rural neighbors.

We need to keep communities of interest together, so I mushed together some rural areas (one mountain, one farming) and gave three to our larger communities. Unless you want to carve up Chico like pumpkin pie, I think that’s as good as we’re going to do. Legally we can make the district that includes Paradise a little smaller to prepare for growth on the Ridge, and I support that, but it probably wouldn’t change the boundaries too much. Our population moved where it moved.

The idea I settled on is here: https://districtr.org/plan/74829. Try it yourself. Maybe you’ll develop some sympathy for our supervisors and their staff.

— Matt Sutter, Chico 

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