Letter: What if you have a grandson named Brandon?

I had to smile at Mike’s conundrum about printing the “Brandon” phrase in the editorials. I saw this phrase on a poster in someone’s yard a while back and thought they were cheering on their grandson for a football game. Then I read the “real” meaning and guess I had been misled.

That reminded me of an incident at work. Several of my co-workers loved to throw around the “f” word. To me that is the most vulgar word ever and I could never ever say it. So I tried to get them to convert to saying fiddlesticks, which I find is satisfying without being vulgar. I even like to say “crudmuffin” on occasion which makes everyone laugh. Well my “f” loving friends said even if they did say fiddlesticks, in their heart they would still be saying “f”. Well, to me, that would be ok as long as I didn’t have to hear “f”!

So I guess my point is, if people want to use the “Brandon” phrase maybe it should be OK. Who knows, maybe in their heart they are cheering on their grandson … hmmmm or maybe not!

— Dorothy Taylor, Chico 

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