Letter: Watch the video for truth on redistricting

The misinformation on redistricting being spread via social media and this letters to the editor page, was rejected by both county staff and the independent redistricting consultant on Tuesday.

Supervisor Lucero says that only “legal” maps are the ones she supports. Lucero and her followers say that it is illegal to divide Chico into four supervisor districts. On Tuesday, the independent consultant said that both of Lucero’s claims were false.

Regardless, Lucero is unhappy that her chosen map is not likely to pass. Could it be because the map she prefers would draw her 2022 re-election challenger out of her district? She is posting on social media that she is working on a lawsuit against the county to challenge the new maps if she doesn’t get her way.

Lucero’s local attorney friends, Jim McCabe and Richard Harriman, have said they will file the lawsuit. Who are they? McCabe serves on the Butte County Democratic Central Committee and has donated to several progressive candidates including Debra Lucero, Alex Brown and Sue Hilderbrand.

Harriman is Lucero’s designee to the Butte County Water Commission.  He’s the same attorney that is suing to stop a $22 million state-funded project on Bruce Road and is threatening to file a lawsuit against the Paradise sewer project that would help the town rebuild.

No doubt the onslaught of misinformation from Lucero’s camp will continue. For anyone that is interested in the truth, I would encourage you to watch the video from Tuesday’s supervisor meeting.

— Tom Bond, Chico

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