Letter: US pays while others give lip service

A recent letter “Carbon fees a wise investment for our future” was so off-the-rails ridiculous that it deserves a factual rebuttal. The writer claims “A well-designed price on carbon would halve greenhouse gas emissions in a decade.” What he really means is an additional tax on gasoline, natural gas, coal, etc. He doesn’t say “tax”, as that’s a word greenies don’t like to use.

The result: higher prices to live our lives, while China and India, the main emitters on the planet, laugh at us. They pay lip service to climate goals, then ignore the goals for their own economic development.

While China and India soared, without any carbon taxes at all, the USA has significantly dropped its own emissions in 15 years, mainly from switching electrical generation from coal to natural gas, thanks in part to (gasp!) fracking. Oh, the horror!

The writer then claims “Solar and wind are the cheapest new energy sources in most of the world.” Well, that’s just hogwash, er, greenwash. Look at California, the wind/solar state, with an average electricity price of 18 cents per kilowatt-hour (with summer tiers reaching up to 400% more) compared to non-green Nevada, at 8.3 cents kW/h year-round. Next, PG&E in cahoots with corrupt PUCC is about to give home solar owners a colonoscopy, dropping reimbursement for solar generated electricity down to 25% of what it was with NEM3, coming in January 2022.

If you think you’re being gouged to “save the planet” now, just wait.

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— Anthony Watts, Chico


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