Letter: Tired of infighting among homeless advocates

I am sorry to see people who advocate for and provide services to homeless people attack each other.  Such rivalry might make sense if there were plenty of resources and not enough homeless people.  However, Chico has exactly the opposite problem:  too many homeless people and not enough resources.  Yes, some folks need shelter, safety, food and basic hygiene.  And, yes, some folks want supportive services to help them move from improvised shelter to more sustainable housing.  And, yes,  some folks are ready to access jobs, affordable housing, and still need continued support as they move forward with their lives.  And, yes, recovering from homelessness is not necessarily a linear progress:  needs change and when some needs are met, new needs may arise.  Instead of infighting, we should collaborate, coordinate and celebrate every step forward in our collective efforts to address the wicked problem of homelessness in Chico.

— Janet E. Rechtman, Chico


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