Letter: The man who’s smarter than us all

A frequent “liberal” letter writer to this column is very, very smart – he tells us in every single letter that he is smarter than the rest of us.

Recently, he told us he is so smart that “modesty prevents me from revealing my scores.” He then went on to tell us that human abortion is the equivalent of trees dropping fruit. I missed the part in my college botany class where a tree makes a conscious decision to end the life of its perfectly-formed offspring, but he assures us that if we don’t get it, we are dumber than trees.

He then also assures us that he has no sympathy – indeed, has pleasure – in the unvaccinated Covid deaths of conservatives (and presumably the many anti-Pharma and blue/green algae liberals). A callous disregard for innocent human life is simply not the mark of higher intelligence. People who favor abortion laws are more likely to be liberal. Therefore, people who have abortions are more likely to be liberal.

But unlike him, I have no SCHADENFREUDE over liberals aborting liberals. In fact, it makes me sad, for within the millions of those affected were future artists, scientists, politicians, poets. Perhaps the one who would have invented a cheap way to solve our water problems, or a non-forced way to a greener society. Maybe a leading humanitarian who could help our nation heal rather than be polarized.

But what do I know – he’s smarter than I am. Just ask him.

— Barry Johnson, Chico

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