Letter: Supervisor speaks on redistricting, elections

Facts are irrelevant to my opponent and his supporters. This is becoming increasingly clear – and a pattern – particularly as it relates to the topic of redistricting.

For those wanting to learn the truth, please watch the redistricting discussion for yourself. Click the Oct. 12th Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Agenda link to Item 5.03 – video begins at 2.51 time stamp: https://buttecounty.granicus.com/player/clip/1010…

The sad part of this letter-writing tit-for-tat is the focus switches from us as individuals — what we stand for, what we think on issues, what our understanding of being a public servant or serving on the Board of Supervisors means … to lies and misinformation.

What happened to the idea of a police officer — like Mr. Durfee — standing up for truth — even if his backers or supporters would like to sling mud instead? What happened to truth-telling and good, old-fashioned debates?

If Mr. Durfee thinks I want to avoid running against him; he’s wrong.

He’s the one who jumped the gun and announced he was running in District 2. He did this despite the fact Butte County’s district boundaries are going to change – drastically – due to the displacement of 25,000 Paradise residents and equal population requirements (within 10%).

Learn what members of the Board of Supervisors have to say about redistricting at the Nov. 9, 2021 meeting. If you watch the LIVE stream or video later, you’ll see where BOS members stand. It will be obvious from our comments. You won’t need to believe lies.

— Debra Lucero, Chico


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