Letter: So much for common-sense solutions

After an all-night session where Republicans tried to pressure Democrats to vote against the 2,000 page, huge spending bill, Democrats passed it and are bragging about it.

It will add to our out-of-control national debt by:

Adding $1.5 trillion in new taxes, including raising taxes on middle-class Americans and small businesses.

Imposing a new natural gas tax that will spike costs for home heating, electricity, and gasoline and destroy jobs.

Empowering the IRS to spy on American taxpayers’ bank accounts via 87,000 new IRS agents at a cost of $80 billion.

Subjecting an additional 1.2 million small business owners and middle-class Americans to costly and invasive audits.

Giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants while failing to secure our Southern border. Giving illegal immigrants $3,600 a year for every child they bring into America or give birth to after arriving.

Forcing taxpayers to subsidize abortions.

Limiting seniors’ access to new cures and treatments by imposing socialist price controls on prescription drugs.

Forcing taxpayers to subsidize union members’ dues.

This is what the one-house rule is all about.  Republicans tried their best to bring common sense and spending restraint to the debate.  They failed, the American people lose.

— Colleen Waugh, Chico


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