Letter: So many good things about our Chico

There is no place like Chico.  Besides having beautiful tree lined streets, creeks running through town and a college campus, wedged between fertile farmland and the foothills; there are friendly people.

Whether it is the storekeepers, neighbors, fellow employees, customers and clerks, students, or those you meet walking on the streets; a greeting smile, nod or word is customary.

Each year we welcome a new population of college students attending our schools attracted by the same features we enjoy. This student transition represents about 20% of our population, affecting everything from economy to traffic.

Four college students and two homeless men came to my aid when I was having a medical emergency. Their concern and steadfastness will not be forgotten.

A business owner once told me that if the students hadn’t returned in two weeks, he would have had to close his doors. Chico adjusts to these transitions.

We shall also adjust to changes in our growth and unhoused population. I too value our nature areas of parks, playgrounds, and waterways. These areas should be used but not abused by our occupancy.

I am glad that I chose to live here 58 years ago. Raising a family and teaching here for thirty-one of my thirty-six years has been a pleasure. I have also enjoyed spending retirement here. Thank you, Chico.

— Dick Cory, Chico

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