Letter: Smart people discern actual facts

Our liberal “smart” letter writer says he never said he was the “smartest” person, but that he is “smart enough” to parrot Democrat talking points.

And he is “smart enough” to get like-mindeds to penguin clap his “speechwriting” skills.

Wow. Let’s all be impressed at the regurgitation of MSNBCNN propaganda. Now let’s consider adding the word NUANCE to his vocabulary.

As in, if we were honest, we would accept the fact that even if there were zero humans on Earth, the climate would still change. But they aren’t honest, because they pretend that if we would just pay them more and more taxes, and restrict our lifestyle, they could control the world climate. (Please ignore the fact that the glacier-formed Yosemite Valley lost all its glaciers thousands of years before SUVs were invented.)

Truly smart people do not admire Dr Fauci. Why would you? When Fauci finished his medical training, he went immediately into the federal bureaucracy, and never treated a real patient. His entire career has been self-promotion, and pretending he had definitive answers to nebulous questions. The National Institutes of Health said that Fauci’s testimony before Congress claiming he didn’t fund the bat coronavirus gain-of-function research was false. So we have a worldwide coronavirus pandemic originating in Wuhan, China. “Coincidentally,” the Wuhan Virology lab was working on creating enhanced viruses, and who partially funded the research? Dr Fauci. Those are simple facts, and no one truly smart would trust him.

Smart people discern facts, not Democrat talking points.

— Barry Johnson, Chico

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