Letter: Public works employees are overdue a raise

According to what I read the other day in the E-R, while the City of Chico continues to hire police officers at very nice salaries (I’m not saying they don’t earn them), hire high paid bureaucrats for whatever they might do at our local Puzzle Palace, installs a very expensive ice rink downtown, spends who knows how much on a homeless “shelter” out at the airport which was doomed from the beginning, and all the while ignoring the obvious plight of those city workers who actually make the whole thing work – the Public Works employees.  No raise or cost of living in 12 years?  I am sorry, but that is ridiculous.  Were this citizen to make a suggestion to our city manager, it would be to downsize his well-paid staff, cease the frivolous spending and expend the savings towards rewarding those that actually make this city function on a practical basis.

— Steve Wolfe, Chico 

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