Letter: Proud to have honored military heroes

As the owner and operator of chicomilitaryheroes.com, I am sad to announce that we will be ceasing our operation as of November 20.

Our military banners have been mounted on utility poles for the past seven years along East Avenue and we have been happy to recognize our local heroes who are currently serving our country in the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

We have been blessed to have many local individuals and businesses donate funds to our program and have been blessed to have PG&E personnel mount our banners onto utility poles for the past seven years. We thank them for their efforts and enthusiasm toward our program.

We are proud to have honored and recognized our military heroes and hope that the positive recognition continues for our patriots who have volunteered their service to our country.

We would like to see another individual or civic-minded group continue our program and we would be happy to cooperate any way we could because we think our patriots deserve all the positive recognition they can get.

It has been an honor and privilege to provide this service and we hope to see the program continue with new ownership. God bless our military members and their families!

— Chris NIcodemus, Chico


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