Letter: Praising the living as if they’re dead

I had to smile as I read Mike Wolcott’s editorial suggesting that we should praise the living as if they were dead.  This actually happened to my daughter.  She was the one praising.  I had read in the paper that Dennis Day had passed away.  It seemed the man who had died was about the same age as the Dennis Day we knew and was also from Oroville. This was quite a few years ago.  Dennis had been my daughter, Sarah’s coach. I told her about it. She wrote a card to his wife saying all kinds of nice things. Come to find out later, that it was not the Dennis Day who had been Sarah’s coach. She was horrified by the mix-up. But we learned that it had truly touched him & he had the card posted in his office. Wouldn’t this world be a brighter place if we all made a mistake like that!

— Dorothy Taylor, Oroville 

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