Letter: Placing bets on ethics and sports

I think Aaron just lost his chance for hosting that smart game show. I learned this earlier than most from my bestie betting broker buddy Betty in Las Vegas. Gave me a tip on a big coming event. Whether the king is going to be happy or sad upon his return. Helpful, or angry and vengeful. I know he’s getting a bit long in the tooth and perhaps tiring a bit of the game; the grind. I guess the movie was a bomb. Great guy though. Does lots for kids. Family man. Moral.

The line isn’t out yet. My pal said millions are gonna bet on him being nice. Forgiving even. Nervous folks. Smart money though is on the dude wanting some payback. Angry about followers messing with the game. Laying my dough on that bet. I don’t watch much NBA but am quite familiar with loads of players and teams and fans heading down some weird paths. Not very Bill Bradley-like they seem to have been of late. We’ll see. I honestly didn’t know James was out. Comeback kid.

— Chris Durniak, Chico 

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