Letter: Making sacrifices in the name of sustainability

Thank you, Dave Walton, for offering your opinion on the conversation and tyranny of sustainability (E-R, 11-4-21).  Your letter succinctly articulates the mindset of probably a significant portion of the 41% of the population that are still on the fence about climate change or are convinced that it is entirely a hoax.

The AP article by Ellen Knickmeyer, Emily Swanson, and Nathan Ellgen “Poll finds a majority in US concerned about climate” (E-R 10-27) reports that 59% of Americans now believe that the earth’s warming is “very or extremely important” (up 10% from 2018).  That’s good news!  Now, if we could only convince that 59% to give up some of their “wants” in return for a sustainable future, we could really pop the corks and celebrate.  In the Letters section of the same edition, Patrick Newman makes the same point; i.e., achieving meaningful sustainability will require individual sacrifice. There is no other way.  Does this 59% even know what they might do to shrink their individual footprint?  I have suggestions, but perhaps other readers might want to weigh in with their ideas first.  Just a thought.

No one’s tyrannically twisting anybody’s arm here, but if people who share Dave’s opinion would just make one sacrifice in the name of sustainability, it would really help.  If you’re friends give you grief over it, just tell them you “wanted” to do something different for a change.

— Marcella Seay, Magalia

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