Letter: Let’s remember all who enjoy the park

Bidwell Park, in the last 50 years, hasn’t changed much. I’m a senior and walk from the main gate to the Sycamore Pool on a one-way paved road every morning. The old trees sure are showing their age; like dropping their limbs, and loosing their footing and falling over so the walker and the biker have to watch out.

Now this brings me up to my opinion. It seems the bikers and the walkers pathway are all the same. Speaking of walkers, the ones that have wheels that you walk behind and push along the pathway around and about the pool are nearly impossible to use. And then the handicap parking spaces! The pads are all paved, but you step away to dirt or mud and walk back through it to get to your car or van parked on the paved handicap space. Who wants to put dirty or muddy wheels in their car or van?

I’m 89 years old and still walking, but my wife is in a wheelchair. She can’t see the old trees and their beauty if she can’t be wheeled down the pathways.

How are we old ones to enjoy Bidwelll Park? That sounds more like a gripe than an opinion.

— Narsease Tolen, Chico


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