Letter: Imperfect, but no clown car either

I’m the first to admit that Joe Biden isn’t a perfect president; he’s not as sharp as he used to be, he’s never been a great communicator, and he’s certainly had some missteps and made some mistakes. But it’s important to remember that our choice in 2020 was not between Biden and some mythical perfect candidate, it was between Biden and the exceedingly imperfect Donald Trump, a man historians from both sides of the aisle have already declared to be one of the worst presidents in US history.

Trump promised to get us out of Afghanistan, Biden delivered. Trump promised an infrastructure bill, Biden delivered. Trump promised to eliminate the debt but almost doubled it. He promised to replace Obamacare but never delivered.

And ironically, for a guy who constantly describes others as “losers,” Trump is the only president in over a century to lose the White House and both Houses of Congress in a single term.

His own chief of staff described him as “the most flawed person I’ve ever met,” and his own communications director described his White House as “a clown car on fire running full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks.”

Does anyone on the right truly believe that Trump would have been more adept than Biden at handling the vaccine roll-out, the Afghanistan pull-out, supply chain challenges, fuel price increases, or inflation?

Yeah, right.

— Scott Paulo, Chico 

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