Letter: Great organizations and service clubs

While we are reflecting on all of the good things about living in Chico—and Butte County in general—let’s not forget our great community organizations and service clubs. Aside from offering wonderful opportunities for volunteerism, these groups of caring and conscientious citizens also help to meet the social and economic needs gap that government agencies and the private sector cannot fill. Our region has so many of these organizations that it is nearly impossible to list them all!

Two that readily come to mind are the Chico Noon and Sunrise Rotary Clubs. Working together with the City of Chico and CARD, these clubs have now completed the new Rotary Centennial Park in northeast Chico, just in time to serve the growing neighborhoods in that section of town. The Sunrise Rotary Club has also recently built and provided a small free library for each elementary school in the city. Club members have adopted these little libraries individually, and are assuring that each is regularly stocked with used books for the children of Chico.

Participation in a service club or other volunteer organization is a great way for people to multiply their effectiveness, while also making new friends and strengthening the social fabric and human infrastructure that supports us all. Most local groups have websites or contact information that can be found easily on line.

— Carl Ochsner, Chico 

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