Letter: Enjoying the Driver Improvement Program

I want to thank the city of Chico for implementing the Driver Improvement Program (DIP). This program has been successfully implemented in many other cities and in some states. Sadly, here in Chico, this public driver safety program hasn’t received the public awareness that it deserves. For those who have not heard about the program, let me explain. The goal of DIP is to:

  • Increase driver alertness for situations or hazards he/she might encounter.
  • Enhance driver ability to quickly and safely maneuver to avoid those situations and hazards.
  • Reduce speeding.
  • Save money.

With little effort on the part of drivers, this clever and cost-effective safety program applies to everyone who drives the city streets.

The key to the program is not to repair potholes and cracks in the pavement. This lack of repair forces drives to unconsciously practice goal items one through three while the city accomplishes goal item number for — saves money.

One side benefit of the program is it increases employment for tire and vehicle repair technicians.

Be careful out there, and enjoy the Driver Improvement Program.

— Ole Quiberg, Chico

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