Letter: Character already shows in District 2 race

The campaign season hasn’t even started yet but the Republican guy, Peter Durfee, who’s chosen to run against Butte County District 2 Supervisor Debra Lucero, has already started to slam her integrity with some really nasty lies. I don’t live in her district, but one thing I know about Ms. Lucero is that she is one of the hardest working, intelligent and honest supervisors on the Board. She always attends the board meetings well prepared, listens intently to everything people have to say and then votes in accordance to the welfare of her constituents.

In regards to the Butte County redistricting process, the statement by Durfee that Ms. Lucero “couldn’t resist the urge to openly advocate for gerrymandering in a way that serves her personal interests ahead of people from Chico and Butte County” is simply not true. I know because I was at that meeting. I suspect Durfee’s accusations against Debra Lucero are a projection of how he would act and vote during the redistricting process if he were on the Butte County Board of Supervisors. Durfee’s conduct so far is quite telling of his low and dishonest character.

Ms. Lucero’s response to Durfee’s accusations is typical of her qualities as a supervisor: no name calling or counter-accusations.  She simply explained how the redistricting process works.  I trust Debra Lucero to run her campaign with dignity, honesty and integrity. These are qualities she already brings to the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

— Karen Laslo, Chico


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