Letter: Be in this world, just not ‘of’ it

Is this where we are headed as an “enlightened ” society? That a human being’s last testimony and memorial becomes dueling obits as to their COVID status? To make a last statement as to which side of the argument the deceased agreed with.

It’s nothing new. There has been handpicked (disguised as news) media stories for months on personal tragedies in an attempt to garner support and sway political opinion.

COVID is just the newest tip of the iceberg here, shootings, wildfires and man made climate, peaceful protests and riots abound (although whom can tell one from the other), investigations on police enforcement issues and procedures and such. Even our own local elections with equal but opposite weak recall  movements and charges  of gerrymandering from both sides. They all get  a tweaking in the final print. Is there no sacred ground? Every inch is evidently worth fighting for, even from  the grave.

On another note, I was encouraged though to read of George Hoag taking the plunge, and seeking  a better understanding of and hopefully a deeper relationship with God. His words of wisdom are true that peacefulness and wellbeing are within grasp if we just humble ourselves to His words and will in our lives,

God speed George. Be in this world … just not ‘of’ it.

— James Jenkins, Oroville 

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