Letter: Are voters feeling any regret yet?

Friends and foes: we’re only going to have to suffer the consequences of Marxist/Socialist/Democrat governing until 2022 when the U.S. Congress will be rid of these reprobates and 2024 when the White House is no longer occupied by the Moron-in-Chief. We don’t need to worry about Kamala Harris, aka “Imbecile in Waiting.” Americans know she’s an empty suit whose public appearances (though rare) are merely smiles and giggles.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden can only dream up more ways to harm us. Think of it as being in a war. Temporarily, sacrifices will need to be made. First will be this winter’s heating bills. (I can’t wait to hear the howling from those living in the blue states of the northeast.) Prepare for five dollar per gallon gas maybe before you have read this.

To be sure, Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden probably haven’t pumped their own gasoline in decades. I doubt they have they pushed a cart through a grocery store in the same period. Probably just as well, as Biden would get lost in a 7-11.

In typical Pelosi fashion, she throws a 1,700 page budget out for a committee vote that not a single representative has seen and no Congressional Budget Office “mark up.” It’s the same old “we have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

The Biden Administration and “Democrat” Congress has created one crisis after another. How ironic that Pelosi has pounded the last nail in her own party’s coffin. Cheers! And let’s go Brandon.

— Tom Neill, Chico

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