Letter: A roll of the eyes for ‘let’s go, Brandon’

“Let’s go, Brandon!” seems to me to be yet another example of the childishness of adults in these times. In writing that, it occurs to me that I’m sort of ‘dissing’ children as they go through a stage in growing up.

Actually, “Let’s Go Brandon” is similar to something middle schoolers adopt as a ‘cool phrase’ and use it to show their cultural prowess and annoy adults. “That’s what she said” prevaded the junior high campus for a year or so. When students say this now, it doesn’t get the same reward from their peers as it is ‘old’. (It’s a sexual innuendo from “The Office” TV show, btw) This phrase was met with eye rolling from me, their teacher, which is also a bit childish, but effective, as engaging with words with adolescents is unproductive and it just gets one involved in a circular argument that you are not going to ‘win’. Perhaps we need another emoji -the eye roll. So print it, we readers will roll our eyes at the writer, and move on.

— Tresa Thorley, Chico

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