Letter: A reminder that unions are democratic

Recently your editorial criticized union activity related to the recall election of our governor. Your position was off base. When you complain about unions you might want to remember that they are composed of thousands of individuals. They represent the beliefs and needs of workers. By contrast, corporations have been allowed to be treated as individuals, giving them tremendous power.  Corporations have vastly more resources than any individual. Belonging to a union gives the little guy some say in their lives and  some influence on the way government works. Added to the financial power of corporations, they also own the media. The result is a David and Goliath situation where the only voice many workers have at all is through union representation. We might want to remember that the 5-day work week, the 8-hour day, the end of child labor, the fight against sweat shops, safety on the job, fair pay, the fight against discrimination, the establishment of health insurance and retirement benefits, were all achieved by unions. Since unions represent real, working people, not corporate interests, they are democratic.

— Jeanne Thatcher, Chico



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