Draymond Green’s football tape does not impress the Manning brothers

Draymond Green’s football tape does not impress the Manning brothers

Warriors forward Draymond Green was the Bay Area representative among guests on the ‘Manningcast’ presentation of the 49ers’ game against the Rams Monday night.

As they are wont to do, the Manning brothers (or their producers) dug up some relevant video to embarrass Green and entertain the ESPN2 audience during the third quarter of a surprising 49ers blowout win.

In college, Green was invited to join the Michigan State football team during its spring game, playing as a tight end.

It did not go well for Green.

The film showed Green making a catch in warmups before the Spartans’ intrasquad exhibition affair, but the only live-action play shown did not put Green in such a positive light.

“I didn’t know this was a setup. So when I went out there, they told me ‘We’re going on set-hit’, so everybody over there on the defensive line and the offensive line is yelling ‘hit-hit’,” Green explained.

And in my mind, I’m just thinking I’m about to go out and catch a pass. I’m not watching the ball — when I hear ‘hit’, I’m going. And everybody’s yelling hit, and I take off and they’re all just standing there watching me. I didn’t get many looks after that. It was terrible.”

Green got his chance to show off, too: He began reciting the 34 players drafted ahead of him in the 2012 NBA Draft, which he uses as motivation to keep building his game, even nine-plus seasons, three championships and three All-Star appearances later.

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