Crews fix downed trees, powerlines after storm

BUTTE COUNTY — The storm that brought heavy rain and in some parts, snow, into the north state Sunday and Monday cleared a little bit on Tuesday.

According to Ashley Snyder, administrative coordinator for Butte County Public Works, there was significant snow in the towns of Cohasset, Magalia and Butte Meadows. Snyder said road crews were out plowing roads starting at 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Snyder said water levels are high but no bridges have been affected and crews are checking for debris. Crews are also keeping an eye on the Sacramento River. Snyder said there were 13 reports Monday regarding downed trees.

Cal Fire-Butte County Capt. Jake Gilliam said Tuesday that a tree fell on a house in Magalia and the roof was penetrated. Firefighters assisted but no one was hurt. Plastic was put over the home to make sure water didn’t get into the house. Gilliam said PG&E assisted with power lines being down and public works was called.

Gilliam said chains were required for cars on Highway 32 and Highway 70 was closed.

According to Paul Moreno, PG&E communications principal, there were multiple power outages Monday and Tuesday in Butte Meadows and Magalia and areas east of Oroville. 300 customers were without power in Butte Meadows and 700 customers lost power in Paradise and Magalia. In the foothills of Oroville, 1,900 customers lost power.

A tree fell on the Skyway and Towhee Road in Paradise and damaged a power pole.

Another storm is expected to hit Wednesday, and PG&E anticipates additional power outages.

‘We are staffing to meet that challenge,” Moreno said.

Moreno recommends that customers have flashlights on hand with fresh batteries and to light lanterns. He said to not use candles as they are a fire hazard. He also said to keep the refrigerator closed.

Moreno said to report power outages, call 1-800-743-5002.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Highway 99 northbound at Cottonwood Road northwest of Oroville is closed due to electrical work. Highway 99 at Eaton Road is closed until Jan. 29, 2022. Highway 70 is functioning as a one-way highway from Jarbo Gap to Quincy Junction Road.

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