Cannabis once again on the Chico City Council table

CHICO — Back in June, the city of Chico began taking applications for proposed commercial cannabis dispensaries through July 16.

In its upcoming meeting Tuesday, the city will be reviewing appeals for the applications that were denied due to alleged code violations.

The businesses in question are Ashe Chico LLC, Authentic Chico LLC, Velvet Chico LLC and GFC Chico LLC.

All four potential business owners filed for the appeals which will be heard and discussed Tuesday night with possible direction to staff and the owners going forward.

Per the city code, cannabis storefronts have to be built a minimum of 1,000 feet from schools teaching sixth through 12th grade and 600 feet from schools teaching kindergarten through fifth grade. The 600-foot minimum also applies to daycare centers and youth centers with activities.

According to all related agenda reports, the three businesses in question were all denied based on an insufficient buffer zone.

Ashe Chico’s proposed location was set for 347 Nord Ave. which was determined to be only 300 feet from Chico Creek Dance. Authentic Chico, planned for 900 Mangrove Ave., was denied for being too close to Apollo School of Music. GFC Chico was meant for 2495 Carmichael Dr. and was denied for being too close to Cal Skate Chico, which is considered a youth center. Lastly, 1914 Oleander Ave. was the site planned for Velvet Chico but the application wasn’t approved because of its distance to Step-By-Step Childcare.

The appeal is meant to allow applicants who were denied a chance to argue their case for the business.

“The City Manager recommends the City Council hear and review the timely appeal for Velvet ChicoLLC for the denial of cannabis zoning verification and give staff further direction as to next steps,” read the conclusion to each agenda report.

Applicants who are denied are refunded the fees of $156 for zoning and $38 for processing.

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