A variety of options just 30 minutes apart | Why we (still) love Chico

It’s hard to summarize why I love Chico so much, but I’ll highlight a few favorites:

This morning for example, driving down Memorial, the fall leaves are pure magic and the Chico High Cross-Country team was out practicing. They passed by in a pack, a stampede of motivation and smiling faces, having just emerged from the beautiful lower park trails. These kids are so fortunate to do their morning runs in a place like Bidwell Park, and they know it. As they crossed in front of me at the stoplight, I recognized a few runners, so I waved, and they waved back. Classic Chico moment!

Another thing I love about Chico is the biking community. If you own a cruiser or a mountain bike, then you know you can’t beat Chico when it comes to biking. In any season.

Our tree-lined streets and bike paths provide endless opportunities for adventure and beauty: You can bike to Bidwell Park or CSU from nearly anywhere in under 30 minutes. You can hit downtown and pick up your favorite take-out, then pedal to your favorite swimming hole (there’s nothing like riding home from the creek in a wet swimsuit on a scorching-hot summer day). You can pack a backpack and ride to Monkey Face and spend the day hiking. You can take a sunset ride to Shubert’s with your family for a Brown Cow. You can even watch the local calendar for community rides: The Tweed Ride, the weekly North Rim Rides, or The Basis Bike Party.

If you’re feeling down about Chico, I dare you to get on a bike.

— Marisa Alvistur

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