49ers rushing king Frank Gore ‘went to sleep happy’ after admiring win over Rams

A month before his boxing debut against former NBA All-Star Deron Williams in Tampa, Frank Gore will make a detour to Jacksonville and attend the 49ers’ game there Sunday.

“I will sit up and watch my boys play,” Gore said Monday on KNBR 680-AM. “I’ll hang with Jed (York, the 49ers’ CEO). Hopefully we get another win and keep going.”

Gore thinks Monday’s 31-10 win over the Rams should recharge the 49ers’ shot at a playoff berth.

“The way Kyle calls plays, man, he gets guys in great situations,” Gore said. “The way they played last night, that should let them know they should be with the top guys in the NFL.”

Gore appreciated the 49ers’ physical display against the Rams, including rookie starter Elijah Mitchell, who has 560 yards and could become the 49ers’ first 1,000-yard rusher since Gore’s 2014 farewell.

“I like that young kid, Mitchell, from Lafayette. He’s a good back. He’s got a bright future,” Gore said. “Tell him to keep his head down and keep working.

“I like how your boy Deebo balled out. The O-line was pushing guys around; they didn’t care about names over there, and played football the way they’re supposed to play. I’m happy they got the win and happy for Kyle, and my boy, Kittle.

“I went to sleep happy.”

The 49ers’ all-time leading rusher is out of the NFL for the first time after 16 seasons, opting to watch his sons play after passing up earlier overtures from three clubs, not including the 49ers. Gore, 38, said he spoke with York “but not really about football” after the 49ers lost starting running back Raheem Mostert to a knee injury in the season opener.

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